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Individual Testimonials

“Pat’s ability to take our concept, ideas and fit them with a suitable funding grant is exceptional. She understand our vision, organisation and always encourages us to look a further opportunities. Pat’s manner, understanding of people, organisation and funding requirements is a credit to her”
Karen Marsh
Aged Care provider
“Pat has been writing our major grants for the past three years at least and we have enjoyed great success in a sector where competition for funds is hotly contested. She is always very thorough in her approach beginning with ensuring we all have a good understanding of what it is the funder is looking for and being able to integrate their needs to the aims, objectives and stated outcomes of the project or program for which we are seeking funding”
Kingi Williams
CEO/Founder Daystar Foundation

What is the Grant Writing Coaching School?

The Grant Writing Coaching School is a training, coaching and support package for next generation grant writers serious about building their skills and success rates.

The Grant Writing Coaching School is for you if you:
  • aspire to be a successful grant writer

  • want to understand how grants work and what to look out for

  • are looking for a system to unpack guidelines and build successful applications

  • need the support of others to brainstorm ideas and check your answers

  • need a coach

This is not a one-day training program. It is a system that could last a life time.

Membership of the Grant Writing Coaching School gives you access to:
  • Priority access to Get That Grant - our online self-paced training program with manuals– No excuses!!
  • A system of tried and tested templates and checklists to use again and again for writing quality funding applications
  • Six month's mentoring by our grant writing expert to grow your grant writing skills - use this to write your first applications
  • Six x monthly group webinar coaching calls  - you’re not alone!


  • Access to a closed Facebook community of like-minded grant writers to share ideas, experiences and opportunities

Want proven techniques that attracted $1million in 18 months for one organisations alone?

Get That Grant
Get That Grant

Pat Grosse


Learn from Pat Grosse, an expert grant writer who has been on BOTH sides of the funding fence in two continents.  Pat has designed and developed guidelines, assessed applications – from capital infrastructure to small business and community projects and supported applicants to put their applications together.  She has managed a very large training fund and has been successful in getting a better deal for her clients on multiple occasions.

Pat Grosse

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