The Get That Grant - Grant Writing Coaching School is a six month coaching and support program for grant writers serious about building their skills and success rates

  • Do you struggle to put together funding applications?
  • Is the pressure on you to get this one over the line?
  • Do you wish you had someone to guide you?
  • Looking for an independent eye to critique your work before submission?
  • Do you find our budget doesn’t add up in more ways than one?
  • Self-paced training program with manuals & templates – No excuses!!
  • Six hours’ access to grant writing expert
  • Six monthly group webinar coaching calls (you’re not alone!)

These proven techniques can help you achieve $1milllion in 18 months:

If you add up the hours spent procrastinating or time that you could have spent doing something else that needs immediate attention, there's a hidden monetary cost.  With the right guidance you can become more efficient with your time and expertise - after all - it may be you who holds the key to the knowledge needed to put support you can also reduce those stress levels so that getting your application in on time doesn't cause you distress.

What's missing is the coach to guide you through your applications to nail your responses and transform your applications into success stories. 

Introducing the Grant Writing Coaching Solution

We are offering a six month coaching and support program comprising six hours' worth of phone and email support that can be used to support your grant applications, as well as  BONUS monthly online group coaching sessions so that you don't get rusty waiting for your next opportunity.  

This program is not limited to one grant application - you can use our time across two or three applications or even the big one that's eluded you in the past. 

This Program is for people given the task of grant writing who are looking for an expert independent reviewer who can spot gaps in their applications and can coach them to improving their grant success rate by 300%. The Grant Writing Coaching School provides six months' access to a grant writing professional who can spot the gaps and coach you to become a grant writing leader with a portfolio of successful grant applications ranging from small grants to large initiatives.  Unlike most grant writing programs, we are offering a coaching program to help you put what you learned into practice.

That's 12 hours’ worth of support to build your professional grant writing skills set - cheaper than getting somebody to write your grants for you and you get to practice new skills.  Well worth the investment!!

Get That Grant
Get That Grant


If you could access the brain of one of The World's Leading Authorities and apply her skills to 'Get that Grant' ... would you be interested?

Better still you won't have to even move from your chair to gain your much needed funding when you learn and discover 'The Pat Grosse Way' of tapping into and winning your share of what is available out there today.

Want to know how you can get the money?

Take immediate action today if you want to get your hands on a piece of the pie.

Remember you are just a few seconds away from changing and enhancing your position forever.

What it includes:

Six month supported Program:

  • Choose the grants you want to practice on
  • Practice all stages of grant writing with a
    six module program designed by a successful grant writer
  • Access to templates and checklists you can use for ALL your
  • Learn the secrets of successful grant writing strategies
  • Monthly webinars for School members only
  • Be part of an inner circle community Facebook group
  • Up to three hours personal email and phone support –
    use it to get advice on your funding applications

Learn the following techniques that have attracted millions of dollars of funding:

  • Unpacking the grant guidelines so that you don’t miss something important that could cost you thousands
  • How to work out what the funder is looking for and show them the results they are looking for
  • Putting together a winning project plan and budget (must talk to each other)
  • Demonstrating to the funder that their funds will be well managed and in good hands
  • A plan to measure your project key success indicators (evaluation)


Enroll before the end of November to extend your support period to 31 August 2017

Get an extra 2 hours of support (5 hours instead of 3)

We will send you an exclusive copy of our Grant Writing Manifest – an essential tool to save you time filling in the administrivia.

Act now and take advantage of our BONUS online group coaching sessions. Get to hear how others are travelling as we deepen your understanding of the grant writing profession

For $997+GST or three instalments of $350+GST you get six months support with a grant writing specialist to help you get your grants over the line. With our support, reach out for those big grants that have eluded you in the past.

What is Get That Grant?

Pat Grosse

Learn from Pat Grosse, an expert grant writer who has been on BOTH sides of the funding fence in two continents.  Pat has designed and developed guidelines, assessed applications – from capital infrastructure to small business and community projects and supported applicants to put their applications together.  She has managed a very large training fund and has been successful in getting a better deal for her clients on multiple occasions.

Pat Grosse