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You want a grant and don’t know where to start

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Pat Grosse has had continued success in writing successful funding applications over the last two decades.  She has not just written applications, she has also written guidelines, advised and assessed a variety of grants including capital investment, training, community and business development.  

The million dollar grant writer Pat has worked with organisations to take their grant income to over a million dollars whilst supporting them to be able to manage the responsibilities associated with large grants.

What if you could use a sure fire set of templates to draft your application – templates that help you cover every aspect of your application?  Templates that keep you focused?  Templates that help you improve the quality of your application and increase the likelihood of success? Imagine the impact a successful grant application could have on your business or community?

What you will get out of this?

Committees change, people come and go

Businesses looking for funding to grow

Would funding make your future brighter?

Want to become an expert grant writer?

You’ve got an idea, and want to make it a reality

Introducing the Grant Winning Success Formula Package (Get That Grant)

A step by step solutions framework designed for organisations with a vision for growth and change.

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What are the Stages?


Where to Start

On The Money

Reduce your risk and measure your success

The secrets of Quality and Trust

What is the Return on Investment?

Write your own grant applications (save you $3000 or more in fees)

Unlimited Grant Resources – You can write again and again (10X Return)

We encourage you to start with the MAXIMUM Grant Amount. (This is often 3X what most people would apply for!)

You too can generate $1,000,000 or more in just18 months


Pat’s ability to take our concept, ideas and fit them with a suitable funding grant is exceptional. She understand our vision, organisation and always encourages us to look a further opportunities. Pat’s manner, understanding of people, organisation and funding requirements is a credit to her

Karen Marsh -St Johns Village