Is Grant Writing For You?

Grant WritingIf you’ve reached this page you’re most likely curious about what grants you could access for your business or community project or are wondering how to take your ideas and projects to the next level. With billions of dollars available each year, grants can seem to be attractive propositions but where do you start?

The Get That Grant online training program teaches you how to write a proposal and is designed to help you achieve your grant writing goals, complete with templates and checklists. If you could do an online self-paced training program that uses techniques proven to bring in $1million in 18 months, for less than the price it costs for a consultant to write one application, would you be interested?

Introducing Get That Grant – The Grant Winning Success Formula.

The Get That Grant program will enable you to write proposals and encourage your success. The Get That Grant – Grant Winning Success Formula online training program is specially designed to help with your grant writing needs now and in the future. It is based on over 25 years of experience, on two hemispheres, on both sides of the funding fence.  Kick start your grant writing journey today and you too, can Get That Grant!

The Get That Grant online training program is for you if:

  • If you have an idea and are looking for some funding.
  • You have a grant in mind and don’t know where to start
  • You have experience in grant writing and want to improve and achieve more
  • You have an organisation and only one person know how to write grants. What happens if that person leaves?

To help you on your grant writing journey, we have prepared a complimentary Grant Writing Checklist. (See below.)

Grant Writing Checklist

PROJECT: ____________________                           GRANT/FUNDING  BODY: ____________________

1. Unpack  the  guidelines:

  • Funding  Body  objectives  and  outcomes identified
  • Checked  out  successful  grants  – previous rounds
  • FAQs read  and  up  to  date
  • What  funds  are  available  and  what  they  can  be  spent  on
  • Timeframe  for  funded  projects fits  with  when  we  want  to  do  this  project
  • Submission  deadline is  achievable
  • Organisation  is  eligible  to  apply
  • Can  we  deliver (staff,  resources,  P&Ps,  volunteers  etc)?

2. Project  Planning

  • Fits with  our  organisational  Purpose and  Plans
  • The  need  for  the  project  is  clear
  • Attended  a  briefing  and/or  spoken  to  a  funding  body  representative
  • The  project  is  not  normal  business
  • Mapped  out  who,  what,  where,  when  and  how  the  project  will  be  delivered
  • Project  plan  broken  down  into  stages
  • Work  carried  out  by  volunteers  identified  /  hours  estimated
  • Organisational  contribution  identified  (resources  and  infrastructure)
  • Partners  in  place  (if  needed) with  roles/contributions  clearly  identified
  • Risks  considered  and  acted  on
  • Plan  checked  with  colleagues

3. Budget

  • We  are  clear  about  what  the  project  will  fund  and  what  costs  need  to  come  from  elsewhere
  • All  budget  items  reflect  actual  costs  (not  discounted)
  • Quotes  obtained
  • Organisational  overhead  costs  identified
  • Match  funding  (cash  and/or  in-­kind)  identified  if  required
  • Budget  income  and  expenditure  balanced

4. Application  development

  • Top  level  support  is  in  place  (ie  Board/Committee  is  aware  of,  and  supports,  the  application)
  • Application  kept  within  word  limits
  • Responses  answer  the  questions  they  relate to
  • Application  checked  for  typos,  formatting,  logical  flow,  gaps  etc
  • Letters  of  support  in  place
  • Catchy  title?
  • Application  signed  off  by  person  with  the  authority  to  apply  on  behalf  of  the  organisation

You can also download the checklist by selecting the following link: Grant Winning Success Checklist

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