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Welcome Get That Grant, incorporating the Grant Writing Help Desk

We help you apply for grants

Get That Grant was started in 2013 by The Community Entrepreneur, based in Australia. to support our grant writing services. In 2022, we consolidated our resources to create The Grant Writing Help Desk – a one-stop shop to:

✓ learn about grants

✓find out where to find a grant

✓ get help securing grants, and

✓teach and assist you to apply for grants.

Our Grant Writing Expert and Coach

Pat Grosse

” I was first introduced to grant writing 30 years ago. We were a small business unit of a university and we punched above our weight. Set up to prepare business for the Single European Market, we quickly realised the need to support agencies to apply for grants from Europe for everything from training for employment, through to capital infrastructure and research. I spent the best part of ten years organising conferences and professional development workshops, making sure we were at front of centre when new grant opportunities became available. After setting up a training fund for higher level skills, I moved to Australia and worked in a role building the capacity of not for profits to access and manage government grants. During that time I learned about governance, audited committees and was trained to audit compliance against government contracts – skills which come in useful when working in the grants and tender spaces”

– Pat Grosse


The Grant Writing Help Desk is the brain child of founder Pat Grosse, a grants expert with over 30 years’ experience covering both sides of the funding fence and on two continents. Pat has been involved in every stage of the grant writing journey including applying for grants and managing funded projects.

Pat was introduced to the world of funding in a role in the UK in the 1990’s when she came up with the idea of a “EU funding for beginners” workshop. The first time it was delivered there were seven attendees. The workshop actually went on to become a long-term success and paved the way for other EU funding related workshops and project management training. Pat left this role to set up a multi million pound training fund that went on to fund 50 projects.

After arriving in Australia, Pat was employed in a government-related entity responsible for managing grants. Her role included building the capacity of funded providers and allowed her to source funding from within and beyond government.

At the end of 2009, Pat stepped out of her government role to start her own business and, supported by a small team, has since been working with clients to build their business and community building capability and source and apply for grants. This support involves all stages of the grant writing process as well as training and development.

Mindful of the different approaches to grant writing from the curious and those wanting to have a go themselves, to clients who just want somebody to get the job done, we pooled together our resources and developed The Grant Writing Help Desk – a one-stop shop to explore, discover, learn and apply for grants.

Pat is supported by a small team, dedicated to supporting our clients through tailored support, product development
and customer service.

Pat is available for external workshops and presentations. 

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The Grant Writing Help Desk

The Grant Writing Help Desk is an online system comprising FREE and paid resources, enquiry and consultation points, and opportunities for learning and development. There are five entry points:

Grant Writing Help Desk

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