We have created a series of small informational videos for you to use on your grant writing journey. Each video is free for use.

Intro to our services

Only watch this if you are wondering …

Getting inside the head of the funder

This is valuable. If you watch nothing else, this video could change the way you approach grant writing.

Five mistakes you must avoid

Again, valuable information. Take on board our recommendations and never make these mistakes again.

Grants as investments

This video is even more relevant today. Approach a grant as an investment that leads to sustainable change that can be measured.

What can be funded

A short explanation of the kinds of projects that are normally funded. If what you want to do falls in these areas, then there’s likely to be something out there.


Building a Grants Strategy

Our case study of how to build a grants strategy for your organisation

Are you sitting on a million dollar project?

It didn’t take us long, 18 months in fact, to take one organisation from small beginnings to over a million dollars in grant income. What we didn’t realise until later was that we had in fact done it with two organisations in a similar time frame. We’ve been working with visionaries to realise their dreams ever since. The secret to success isn’t about getting somebody to write your grant applications for you; it’s a partnership to build your business case, plan how you will deliver your project and how you will measure success. We added the additional ingredient of entrepreneurial thinking – working with clients to step out of their comfort zone.

10 Things you should know about grants - webinar replay

10 things you should know about grants
Have you thought about applying for a grant, or have you applied and not been successful?
This webinar is for you if you are interested in grants but you’re not sure what they’re about, or if you’ve applied for a grant, not been successful and not sure why.

In 10 Things you should know about grants we will cover some common mistakes made when applying for grants, mistakes that could be avoided with knowledge aforethought. If you follow these 10 principles when applying for a grant, you will increase your chances of getting funded. These principles are based on over 30 years’ work in the grants field, including working on both sides of the funding fence. Since COVID struck, more businesses and community groups have turned to grants, many making the same mistakes that could have been avoided with the knowledge we will present.