Is Grant Writing For You?


Grant WritingIf you’ve reached this page you’re most likely curious about what grants you could access for your business or community project or are wondering how to take your ideas and projects to the next level. With billions of dollars available each year, grants can seem to be attractive propositions but where do you start?

The Grant Writing Help Desk is your one-stop shop to explore, discover, learn and apply for grants.

No matter where you are on the grant writing journey, the Grant Writing Help Desk has access to resources. advice and support. Immerse yourself in real world grant writing tips and learn how to write grant applications that get funded. Or simply contract our services to get the job done for you.

 Choose from:


Grant Writing for Beginners – Start here if you are new to grants. Discover what grants are, what kinds of grants are likely to be available and where to start looking.
The Help Desk also features the opportunity to discuss your idea and point you in the right direction.

Where to start looking for a grant and what you should know before you apply for a grant.
Although this section focuses on Australian grants, the principles are universal.

A comprehensive set of tools and resources for writing your own grant applications. Start with a business case and adapt to meet funder objectives and outcomes.
Prepare with a Grant Writing Planning Toolkit and Teach Yourself Grant Writing manual that weaves together the information resources available to help you nail your application.
Even DIY grant writers need support – access the Help Desk for cost effective ways to enhance your chances of success.

Not interested in the DIY option and prefer to look for a grant writer to write the grant for you? Find out more.
Contact the Grant Writing Help Desk about our dedicated client service options.

Welcome to our Grant Writing Coaching School. Here you can engage in self-paced and facilitated online training or register for face-to-face events. For dedicated grant writers, try the mentoring program.
Looking for training for your organisation or network? Contact the Grant Writing Help Desk.

More information on options for dedicated clients, including additional services and options to spread grant writing costs over the year to help with budgeting for services.