Is Grant Writing For You?


Grant WritingIf you’ve reached this page you’re most likely curious about what grants you could access for your business or community project or are wondering how to take your ideas and projects to the next level. With billions of dollars available each year, grants can seem to be attractive propositions but where do you start?
The Grant Writing Coaching School is a training, coaching and support system designed to help you achieve your grant writing goals, complete with templates and checklists. If you could do an online self-paced training program, with additional support to get you through your first applications as well as the opportunity to connect with like-minded people,  that uses techniques proven to bring in $1million in 18 months, for less than the price it costs for a consultant to write one application, would you be interested?


Interested in enrolling in the Grant Writing Coaching School?

Not sure if grant writing will get you what you’re looking for?
Do you want some clarity about the opportunities out there for your grant writing skills?
Want to know more about the essential skills and knowledge needed to be an effective grant writer?
Explore what areas to focus on
Complete the consultation with a clear direction and grant writing goals.


How to book your Grant Writing Consultation

Interested in The Grant Writing Coaching School but need more information? Complete the consultation contact form and we’ll get back to you to arrange an appointment.  To help you on your grant writing journey, we have prepared a complimentary Grant Writing Checklist to take away from the consultation.



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