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It is so easy to underestimate what is involved in putting together a grant application. Applications aren’t just about answering questions. A good application involves research skills, project planning, budgeting, getting  the pitch right, planning how partnerships might work, mitigating risks, proving support from the community or marketplace and planning how to capture evidence of success.

It makes sense to leave this to professionals.

We offer a comprehensive grant writing service including:

  • Grants calendar
  • Regular alerts of grant opportunities
  • Advice on DIY grant applications
  • Full grant writing
  • Report writing
  • Project Planning (concept to plan)
  • Evaluation
  • Project management/coordination
  • Review of applications

Our clients come from multiple community and business sectors. We respect our clients are the subject matter experts and we are the technical experts – together we make a good team.

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Pat Grosse

Principal Grant Writer

Introducing Pat Grosse, our principal grant writer. Pat has been involved in the grants space for over 30 years, starting in the UK promoting major funding opportunities for grants from Europe. She was also involved in setting up a multimillion pound training fund with oversight of 50 projects.

After moving to Australia, Pat was employed in a government funding body, incorporating all aspects of grant development, process and contract management. Her role also allowed her to apply for additional external funding for projects focusing on building the capacity of funded service providers. A change of policy direction led Pat to leave an increasingly contract management role to start a business doing what she enjoyed most – helping clients to find and use funds to make a difference.

Pat has skills and qualifications in project management, community development and business management. She was also a member of a team appointed to train community groups for three years across the State of Victoria to evaluate projects on behalf of a Government grant program. Today Pat brings in millions of dollars a year for her client base and enjoys taking vague ideas and working with clients to create and get their dream projects funded.

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