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Welcome to Get that Grant

Your One-Stop Grant Writing Solution

We often get asked questions such as:

  • is grant writing difficult?
  • How does grant writing work?
  • How do we write a winning grant application?
  • What is the grant writing process?
  • What grant writing services do you offer?
  • Can you write an application for us?


We know the complexities of the grants system. Our principal grants expert, Pat Grosse, has worked on both sides of the funding fence over a period of 30 years, and has achieved successes such as:

taking clients from $2,000 to $1,000,000 in grant income in 18 months

working with the seed of a project idea that attracted $25,000, then $50,000 and eventually reached over $1,000,000 in funding as each success led to more growth

helping clients out of crisis on the one hand, and leading to awards on the other.

So we put together a program to teach people how to write grants for themselves in addition to the grant writing services we provide.

Are you Looking for:


  • a grant and don’t know where to start?
  • a grant writer to submit a grant proposal for you?
  • somebody to teach you how to write successful grant applications?
  • a mentor to build your grants expertise or work with you strategically to be ready for the right grants and build your portfolio?

We designed the One-Stop Grant Writing Solution so that we've got you covered, by offering you:

A full grant writing service

We will save you time and energy, using our expertise to write your grant applications for you. Our service includes options for a calendar of potential grants, business case planning, and working with you to write a professional application.

Training workshops

Online and face-to-face. We have half and one-day grant writing training workshops that can be customised to your needs. They can be delivered face-to-face or online. In addition we can deliver workshops on project planning (very useful for working out what you want to do) and evaluation (measuring success).

Get that Grant - Grant Writing Success Formula

Our flagship, online DIY grant writing training program. A six part program that includes templates, grant writing tips and checklists so that you can work your way through a dummy grant application process. We will show you a process that can be applied for any grant.

Coaching and Mentoring Program

Take your expertise to the next level with our Grant Writing Coaching and Mentoring Program – gain the confidence and support to aim higher. This is a six month program which takes the Get that Grant program, and packages it with project management and evaluation (impact measurement) training, monthly mentoring sessions AND support for your live grant applications.

What our clients are saying

“Pat’s ability to take our concept, ideas and fit them with a suitable funding grant is exceptional. She understand our vision, organisation and always encourages us to look a further opportunities. Pat’s manner, understanding of people, organisation and funding requirements is a credit to her”
Karen Marsh
Aged Care provider
“Pat has been writing our major grants for the past three years at least and we have enjoyed great success in a sector where competition for funds is hotly contested. She is always very thorough in her approach beginning with ensuring we all have a good understanding of what it is the funder is looking for and being able to integrate their needs to the aims, objectives and stated outcomes of the project or program for which we are seeking funding”
Kingi Williams
CEO/Founder Daystar Foundation

Where to find grants in Australia eguide

Welcome to the World of Grants

A whistle-stop tour of what’s available and where to look.

Wondered if there’s a grant out there for you and where to start?

Did you know there are at least ten different ways to source funding for your idea or project?

Find out now and download your Free copy of “Where to find grants in Australia”



Last week I completed with Pat Grosse of Get That Grant, the exercise modules of the Grant Writing Coaching Course including mentoring programme.     This involved weekly live sessions running through the modules, with the actual mentoring of specific applications to follow over the next few months.    

I accidentally came across this Course at a time when I was feeling the need for investigating the process of writing grant applications – I suppose it was a case of when the need is there, the teacher will appear.     Had I not at the time had the resources to take the full programme, rather than just purchasing the written course, I probably would never have considered it important to include the mentoring portion of the programme.

Having now been through that process, I can only say that it is terribly important.      It reinforces everything in the written course/recorded lessons, but just seems to “hit home” more on all sorts of little pointers, anecdotes and experiences.     A couple of group sessions have also proved to be very enlightening as to others thoughts and experiences, particularly as a couple of the members are already involved in the process.      

 I always thought I studied better by reading – this has proven otherwise.      It has been a very interesting exercise and I now need to put all the learning into action.   I can highly recommend this to anyone thinking of taking the plunge and go with the full programme.

Mavis Blowers

Western Australia    

Want proven techniques that attracted $1million in 18 months for one organisations alone?

Get That Grant
Get That Grant

Pat Grosse


Learn from Pat Grosse, an expert grant writer who has been on BOTH sides of the funding fence in two continents.  Pat has designed and developed guidelines, assessed applications – from capital infrastructure to small business and community projects and supported applicants to put their applications together.  She has managed a very large training fund and has been successful in getting a better deal for her clients on multiple occasions.

Pat Grosse

Grant Writing Ninja Guide

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Our six-month coaching and mentoring program for aspiring grant writers. Grow your skills and use our valuable feedback and support to get your grants over the line.

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Download our omnibus edition of guides and articles featuring advice on where to look, what to do and how to go about getting your ideas funded.

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