Did you know that according to a survey by “Our Community”, as many as 54% of grant applications are abandoned before they are submitted? Eligibility to apply and eligibility of projects were identified as the main stumbling blocks. Feedback from our clients and the stakeholders we work with identifies with this problem, as well as not understanding what the funder wants and underestimating the time it takes to put together a well-written application.

Introducing Get That Grant – The Grant Winning Success Formula

Get That Grant

For people charged with putting together a grant application for their business, club or community organisation, Get That Grant is a self-paced training program, complete with checklists and templates that we use in our grant applications. Unlike local free workshops that mainly focus on one area of grants, this program shows you how to to practice on real-life grants (available on the internet). It is a system that can be applied across a broad range of grants, opening up a world of opportunities.  

These five modules:

  • Teach you how to get inside the head of the funder, so you can give them what they’re REALLY looking for.
  • Show you how to get access to the right information at the right time to gather all the information you need to start writing the perfect application.
  • Grow your project management skills so that you can plan an application that you can deliver with the right budget to make it happen.
  • Share information, checklists and templates we use to show the funder how well you’ve planned the project proposal, and that guides you through the do’s and don’ts of effective grant writing from somebody who’s been on both sides of the fence in two countries.
  • Show you how to plan for grant opportunities in the future.

….. and there’s more!


We want you to succeed, so we are including:

  • Our grant writing manifest document (to get those administrivia questions out of the way) so you can focus on the case for funding.
  • Our grant writing checklist (step-by-step summary) so you don’t miss anything.

SPECIAL BONUS: Because we know that people move on, and believe that grant writing is an art, our copyright conditions allow you to share this program within your organisation.

Don’t waste any more time on grants that don’t suit. Invest in a system that works.