Project and consultancy services to support change. Invest in professional skills and expertise to assist you through change. We specialise in facilitating projects and change  through services such as:

  • Community consultation and market research
  • Internal policies, procedures and process – audit reviews
  • Partnership development
  • Strategic and business planning services
  • Program development and project management

We provide integrated projects and consultancy services for organisations to build their capability in areas they would like to excel at, but don’t have the expertise or know-how … yet. We believe in taking the personality out of the process, which means our guidance will allow you to make the right decisions.

Why we enjoy what we do

When we’re out there talking to people, it’s amazing how quickly barriers created by false perceptions, come crashing down. The ‘them and us’ philosophy quickly changes when both sides sit around the table and start that journey of trust.

Behaviours never cease to amaze us. On one occasion when we were working with an organisation that had suffered some recent bad behaviours and was trying to repair the unfortunate stigma left by the incident, we discovered the community had a longer memory than the incident and we found people who remembered the ‘good times’  were willing to do what they could to bring them back again.

When we do community consultation for an organisation, sometimes it’s like a pressure cooker venting with people wanting to talk about both the good and the bad about our client. Once they’ve got things off their chest, they want to find out more and even reconnect.

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